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BioBag Compostable Bin Liners 8L (55 bags)



Stop contributing to Australia’s soft plastic waste problem by switching to BioBags. 100% plastic free – you beauty! Completely compostable bags perfect for lining your kitchen food scrap bins. These bags are made using sustainably sourced plant starch and as such compost in a well-functioning composting environment just like any other plant will. BioBags, in combination with the BioBag Vented Caddy is the world’s leading system for pre-sorting food waste used in over 2 million households worldwide.

  • Certified home compostable AS5810 and commercial compostable AS4736
  • 385mm x 400mm
  • Green in colour
  • 55 bags per roll

Please note that these bags are not as thick as traditional plastic bags as they are made from plant material, care is needed with sharp objects.

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