How it Works

Register and collect! We do the rest

3 Eligible drink containers in provided bags Collect 1 Through this website - membership is free forall Campbelltown LGA residents and community groups Register 2 Home collection members will receive an information pack and drink container bags in the letterbox.* Receive 4 Bags at your front door for fortnightly collection or drop your bag into a yellow bin at one of our community group locations Leave 5 Each bag collected from home earns one entry into our monthly prize draw to win vouchers to enjoy at locally owned and operated Campbelltown businesses** Earn

*If you are collecting through a community group please collect a bag from that location.

**Bags dropped at our community group locations will go towards that group’s total return.

A percentage of profits is returned to our affiliate community groups and donated to local charity.

Share! The more recyclers we have, the bigger the prizes, the bigger the investment into our community!

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