Increase the amount of drink containers recycled in Campbelltown by 10%

This is no small task and requires ongoing participation from our community. We are proudly partnering with the below community groups to raise awareness about The Bin Chicken, to increase drink container recycling and connect with our community. Our vision to create alternative recycling solutions in Campbelltown is a multi-stage process and every little bit helps this community project grow. We thank our affiliates for their ongoing support.

Our football clubs

The Bin Chicken has proudly joined forces with the Eschol Park Football club and The Campbelltown Australian Football Club by providing bins to encourage drink container separation from general rubbish. During game days we volunteer by assisting clubs with setting up and cleaning up the grounds by collecting the rubbish left at the sporting complex.

A percentage of collections is returned to the clubs, the more we collect the more the club receives in returns. We encourage anybody to collect their containers and drop them off in the yellow Bin Chicken bins scattered around the grounds on game days. Whilst you are there grab a sausage and enjoy some community footy!

Kids College St. Andrews

Kids College is an independent, family-run center in St. Andrews whose aim is to develop children’s confidence and capabilities through building relationships and promoting learning through our indoor and outdoor play-based programs. We strive to provide a high level of care and education in an environment designed to stimulate and inspire each child and promote their development in these crucial early years.

We are working with Kids College St. Andrews to increase drink container recycling in their centre. Two yellow bins are stationed out the front for drink container collection alongside a roll of compostable bags for families to take and collect their containers in. We are collaborating with Kids College to create a recycling education program for preschool aged children which we aim to rollout in 2022.

BioBag Australia

The Bin Chicken uses BioBags as we did not want to contribute to Australia’s soft plastic waste problem. We give custom-printed BioBags to our community groups and members to collect their drink containers. We also sell BioBags on our online shop. Australian made, 100% plastic-free and compostable!

BioBags are single-use plastic alternatives that can be composted to create nutrient-rich soil, enabling a circular economy. BioBag products are made in Australia from a compostable resin called Mater-Bi produced by Novamont, an Italian research company dedicated to compostable alternatives to traditional plastics. A certified compostable BioBag can be returned to the earth with organics to nourish soil. BioBags completely disappear anywhere there’s oxygen and microorganisms, leaving no microplastics or toxic residues behind.

Big Yellow Umbrella

Big Yellow Umbrella (BYU) has been providing services to the community for over 31 years. Founded in 1987 to provide community services and facilities for the new housing developments and associated growing population in the Macarthur region where there were no existing services, BYU has responded to the changing needs of the community as it has increased in size and diversity. Today, Big Yellow Umbrella provides services, programs, and activities to meet the needs of all sectors of the local community. Our services include a Children’s Services program, Youth Services, and Community Development, including promoting and supporting a number of community groups since their inception.

In 2021 we plan to work with Big Yellow Umbrella on their “waste less and recycle more” program.

Forte Financial Services

Forte Financial Services commenced operations in January 1995 and provides motor vehicle and equipment finance services for small to medium business enterprises in the Macarthur & Sydney metro areas. Forte’s clients are business owners so they have a lot of experience and understanding how small businesses operate, Forte also provides Home Loan & Commercial property loans for its clients, Forte is involved in business networking groups in the Macarthur area and also supports numerous sporting clubs via sponsorship.

If your business or organisation is interested in learning more about how The Bin Chicken can work with you please fill out our contact form.

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