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Here at The Bin Chicken we love Campbelltown

We enjoy its rich diversity of people and the many beautiful natural environments. However the litter is making Campbelltown ugly.

In 2020 our family returned to Campbelltown after spending 10 years in Adelaide. We immediately noticed the large amount of rubbish littering our local playgrounds, streets, bus stops, pedestrian crossings, sporting fields, parking areas and other shared environments, even our 4 year old son was making comments about “all this rubbish”.

Shortly after settling into our new home, our nightly family walks turned into cleaning our local sporting ground and seeing who could fill their garbage bag the fastest! A lot of the litter collected consisted of single use drink containers.

Which is where The Bin Chicken all began….

Our eldest Hugh became obsessed with collecting bottles and cans.

Everywhere. We. Went.

Spot one in the gutter on the way home from Woolies?

“Quick mum”

We had to pull over, pick it up, put it into the collection bucket in the back of the car.

Followed by his victorious exclamation:

“Woo! Free dolla bucks!” (yes, we are a Bluey household).

Each time the bucket was full we took him to the recycling vending machines where he enthusiastically returned each container.

In a very short time we had collected over 5000 drink containers that were previously littering our little corner of the world.

We began to wonder “how big is this problem?”

Return and
Earn Scheme

Less than half of NSW consumers are participating in the scheme

160 Million

Drink containers are littered across Australia – this represents 44% of total litter volume.

44 Years

South Australia has had a drink container recycling scheme for over 40 years, that is so successful that drink containers represent only 2% of South Australia’s total litter volume.

Not only is this rubbish polluting our environment, it is unnecessarily entering and consuming our precious landfill. And, the 10c refund on these containers is lost from the community. This is just not sustainable, or smart.

With the population and built environments dramatically increasing in Campbelltown, it is evident to us a commitment to recycling is required to keep waste and litter out of sports fields, playgrounds, footpaths, parks, bus stops, schools, roads, bushland and other natural and shared spaces.

We do not have 40+ years for the NSW return and earn scheme to be a success.

The Bin Chicken aims to:

  • Reduce the amount of Campbelltown’s recyclable material entering landfill
  • Improve the ease of recycling
  • Create a strong recycling collective and increase the number of residents in Campbelltown recycling their recyclable goods
  • Reward recyclers and invest profits into local services
  • Create alternative recycling solutions
  • Provide our community with the tools and options to make more sustainable choices

This is a big job with many phases to roll out in the future. We require ongoing support from our community to participate and raise awareness about this project.

2021 Goal

To increase drink container recycling in the Campbelltown LGA by 10%

If your household or community group would like to be part of leading Campbelltown to a more sustainable and beautiful future, please register

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